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Chemical peeling. It interrupts the production chain of melanin, blocking its synthesis and stopping its proliferation.

Pour 4ml of the combinate formula into the measuring cup. Apply the product to the treatment zone with the aid of the brush. Start the application from the forehead, following the sides until the chin and end in the central face zone.The exposure time will depend on skin type, we must pay special attention to any skin reaction to neutralise it immediately with DERMACURE POST-PEEL NEUTRALISING BALSAM. Remove it with abundant water.

• Keratolytic
• Exfoliating
• Restorative
• Whitening
• Clarifying

AZELAIC ACID: It is found in wheat and other cereals. It has a whitening effect, interferes in the process of melanin production and improves melasma.
LACTIC ACID: Has a slow penetration and it is extracted from dairy products fermentation. It reduces the hyperpigmentation by sun excess (solar lentigines), improves the dark spots because inhibits
the melanin production.
GLYCOLIC ACID: It is extracted from the sugar cane. It gradually reduces pigmented cells, providing a clarifying effect.

In each DERMACURE professional treatment, forming part of the preparation phase of the skin. It is suggested every 21 days coinciding with the natural process of cell renewal.
The skin shows a unified tone due to the homogenous distribution of melanin, reducing and avoiding the creation of dark spots.
Avoid contact with the eye contour area.
It is always recommended to treat the skin before acid treatment to avoid unwanted consequences. It is imperative to use on balanced skins (water/oil).
Be sure to have DERMACURE POST PEEL NEUTRALISING BALSAM before the application of the DERMACURE acid combination.