Ribeskin DEEP SHOOT AA for effective Anti-Aging (5 Pcs)

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Ribeskin DEEP SHOOT for effective Anti-Aging
Ribeskin DEEP SHOOT for effective Anti-Aging

DEEP SHOOT AA is a multi-functional cocktail containing essential Anti-Aging agents combined with innovative pain-free 32G hypodermic multi-needle device, TurtlePin (19 pin, 0.5mm), for complete rejuvenation and effective Anti-Aging effects.

Key active ingredients such as Glutathione, Peptides, Growth factors, PDRN and Vitamin B complex are replenished to maintain youthful skin condition and reduce the appearance of aging skin.

With minimal pain, DEEP SHOOT HA’s absorption rate of the solution is 30 times higher than topical application and 15 times higher than MTS devices.

With 0.5mm multi-needles, DEEP SHOOT HA is designed for use at professional beauty salons and spa.



Turtlepin technology

  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Equal amount of diffusion (0.06cc / 1 stamp)
  • New technique for deeper superficial treatment
  • No regurgitation or leakage
  • Technology enhances the absorption rate of solution by up to 30 times compared to the normal topical application.
  • It also maximized the efficacy of transdermal delivery by increasing the absorption rate upto 15 times compared to the conventional MTS device using acupuncture pins.
  • Short recovery time & minimum pain with no down time.


How To Use

1. Around the Eyes: 

  • Proceed stamping from inside to outside in fan-shaped directions.

2. Cheeks

  • Proceed stamping into the 45° direction outwards.

3. Jawline

  • Proceed stamping from the bottom of the chin into the upright direction along the jawline.
  • Proceed stamping from under the chin area into the 45° direction outwards along the jawline.

4. Forehead

  • Proceed stamping from the bottom line of the forehead, including the middle of eyebrows and temples, into the upright direction.


 5. Nose, Nasolabial fold & Philtrum

  • Proceed stamping in a zig-zag way along the nasolabial folding line.
  • Stamp above the lip line.
  • Apply light tapping around the nose.


Recommended Post-procedure

Program recommendation


Treatment using one type of DEEP SHOOT for 5 weeks accordingly to the skin condition.


Treatment using more than one type of DEEP SHOOT for 10 weeks.
(Eg. DEEP SHOOT HA for 5 weeks & DEEP SHOOT AA for 5 weeks.)

Advance Technique Tips

  • Deeper lines and wrinkles (eg. nasolabial, forehead, between eyebrows, neck etc.) can be covered by stamping from the starting point in a zig-zag manner along the line.
  • Stretch out the treatment area before stamping at a perpendicular (90°) angle.
  • Ready and Shoot! Stay for 2~3 seconds before moving into the next spot.
  • Be careful not to slip on the skin surface.
  • Tap around the nose (instead of stamping) and treat delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips with caution.

Ribeskin DEEP SHOOT for effective Anti-Aging
Ribeskin DEEP SHOOT for effective Anti-Aging