Ribeskin Dr.MAL PDT Combo 9 Vials + 1 Cleanser

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Ribeskin Dr.MAL PDT Combo 9 Vials + 1 Cleanser
Ribeskin Dr.MAL PDT Combo 9 Vials + 1 Cleanser

Dr. MAL consists of MAL (Methyl Aminolevulinate HCI) ingredients, used for photodynamic therapy (PDT)*. 

As a therapy that destroys sebum and inflammation, which are the fundamental causes of troubled skin, it effectively manages troubled skin and helps recover skin conditions.


1. When a pore with inflammation absorbs the Dr.MAL (Methyl ALA), it is transformed into Pplx.

2. Photodynamic Therapy refers to the process of irradiating the light energy of a certain wavelength, followed by the application of a photosensitizer, which selectively permeates into the sebaceous glands and pores, on skin. It helps improve troubled skin.

3. As the light of a certain wavelength is irradiated, it destroys acne bacteria and sebaceous glands resulting in the reduced inflammation.



Methyl - ALA 13%

Panax Ginseng Callus Culture Extract




Methyl-ALA (MAL) minimizes the skin damage, pain which may occur during PDT. According to the reports by Wiegell and Wulf, MAL is reported to cause less pain, compared to ALA, while simultaneously having a short post-treatment waiting time with reduced PDT side effects, hence proven to be effective for treatment.

Therapeutic and Aesthetic Uses of Photodynamic Therapy Part five of a five-part series ALA-PDT and MAL-PDT What Makes Them Different.

-Michael H.Gold,MD


MAL, which consists of methyl derivative bound to ALA, shows greater prognosis than the existing ALA.
MAL-PDT showed a significantly greater effect in the improvement of troubled skin conditions when compared to ALA-PDT.


*Median reduction in numbers of inflammatory lesion counts from baseline.


Methyl-ALA (MAL) is oil-soluble, hence has a greater skin absorption rate when compared to the existing ALA.
The higher the level of concentration of MAL, the greater the amount of Porphyrins that are absorbed by the skin. Hence, the amount of Porphyrins absorbed is proportionate to the level of concentration of MAL.

Depth of porphyrin fluorescence in lesions



As the amount of Porphyrins absorbed within the healthy cells of MAL (1.7nmol/g) is lower than that of ALA (7.2nmol/g) approximately by 1/7, the skin damage caused by MAL-PDT could be considered to be less than the damage caused by ALA-PDT.



1. Cleansing

Peeling helps the absorption of Dr. MAL

2. Acne Extraction



3. Application of Dr. MAL Vial

4.  Incubation 20-25 min

The process in which the MAL absorbed by skin binds with inflammatory cells and sebaceous cells. Prevent light by covering the entire face with a wrap then covering it with blackout towel.

5. Removal of remaining Dr. MAL

Cleanse the area completely using a cleansing sponge

 6. LED Irradiation 15-20 min
(RED Light 630nm)

PDT reaction; Absorbed Dr.MAL solution meets the LED Light source.


7. Post - Dr. MAL cleanser

(3-5 times pumping) Post-Dr.Mal Cleanser helps decompose the solution remaining on the skin surface. Gently rub with fingers for 3-5 minutes. It prevents tanning which could occur after PDT reaction.

8. Removal Cleanser
Post-Dr.MAL Cleanser

Cleanse the area using a cleansing sponge.

9. Skin relief Cooling & Regeneration

Apply EP Mask After care booster and EP Gel After care booster

10. Apply  UV Protection 


PDT Incubation & LED Guideline

A total of 3-5 treatments

1 treatment every 2 weeks recommended




1 Boxes of 9 vials each 

1 Cleanser Bottle - 100 ml 

Ribeskin Dr.MAL PDT Combo 9 Vials + 1 Cleanser
Ribeskin Dr.MAL PDT Combo 9 Vials + 1 Cleanser