PROFESSIONAL BIOAGE Kit Renovage Bio-Y Shape Technology


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The powerful rejuvanating treatment Renovage was reformulated and now counts with the most advanced anti-aging technology to lift and work on the sustenance of the facial Y (neck and face): Bio-Y Shape Technology. The new line proportionate immediate and long lasting lifting effect for the Y area, reducing in 69% the elastase and raising the pro-collagen in 129% generating consequently sustenance and firmness, besides reducing visible dynamic and esthatic wrinkles.

The kit contains:

Renovage Y-Contour Express Finalizer Multi-Lifting Serum • 60ml

Finalizer serum that proportionate firmness and immediate lift effect. Among its benefits are also the smoothing of glabellar, puppets and grooves wrinkles, improving facial contour on the face and neck.

Ingredients: Matrixyl Morphomics, Deglysome, Epidermosil, Collalift 18, Ultra Filling Spheres.

Renovage Y-Massage Mask • 60g

Mask to proportionate firmness while favors the perfect sliding for facial massage maneuvers. Contains antiglycant and anti-aging effect improving the firmness and the tonus of the skin on the face and neck.

Ingredients: Lift Oléoactif, Matrixyl Morphomics, Deglysome, Epidermosil, Collalift 18, Grape Seed Oil.

Renovage Y-Peeling Chemical Rejuvenator • 30ml

Offers deep and controlled peeling action associated to the ferulic acid, which offers antioxidant and restorative treatments, but also asscoiated to Retinol Nanovector that proportionate skin rejuvenation.

Ingredients: Ferulic Acid, Gluconolactone, Alfamix, Retinol Nanovector.

Renovage Y-Water Drop Serum Rejuvenator and Neutralizer • 60ml

Serum with rejuvenating action through the Bio Y-Shape Technology, which has its innovative action focused on improving the firmness and tonus of the skin for the face and neck. Neutralizes and enhances the results of the Renovage Y-Peeling, through the combination of the ingredients presents in this formula, renewing and treating aging signs.

Ingredients: Keratoline, Matrixyl Morphomics, Deglysome, Epidermosil, Collalift 18 and Retinol Nanovector.

Available in: Albania, Brazil, El Salvador, European Union, Guatemala, Hong Kong., Panamá and USA.