Non-Invasive CO2 Carboxy therapy since 2007
As a revolutionary needle-free* CO2 Carboxy Therapy for professional use, RIBESKIN PRO CO2 Carboxy therapy is the best choice for maximization of the outcomes of dermatological and plastic surgery procedures. By accelerating skin metabolism via Bohr effect, not only the skin elasticity, tone and pore control are improved, but also bruises and swelling are alleviated while oil and moisture balance is controlled.

When carbon dioxide is absorbed by skin cells from gel, hemoglobinin red blood cells release oxygen.This process provides oxygen to the skin while simultaneously stimulatingthe blood circulation, metabolism, protein synthesis and disposal ofskin waste.These reactions reduces marks, cellulite, acne and inflammation whileenhancing skin tone, elasticity and oil/moisture balance.

DEEP SHOOT AA for effective Anti-Aging

DEEP SHOOT AA is a multi-functional cocktail containing essential Anti-Aging agents combined with innovative pain-free 32G hypodermic multi-needle device, TurtlePin (19 pin, 0.5mm), for complete rejuvenation and effective Anti-Aging effects.
Key active ingredients such as Glutathione, Peptides, Growth factors, PDRN and Vitamin B complex are replenished to maintain youthful skin condition and reduce the appearance of aging skin.
With minimal pain, DEEP SHOOT AA’s absorption rate of the solution is 30 times higher than topical application and 15 times higher than MTS devices.
With 0.5mm multi-needles, DEEP SHOOT AA is designed for use at professional beauty salons and spa.