3 in 1 U-Sculptor Pro Cryolipolysis + CryoTshock + Shockwave Machine


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Shockwave therapy for Cellulite, Wellness and Aesthetics is generated by electomagnetic source, the electromagnetic energy creates a ballistic motion through the applicator. Shockwaves transmits intense mechanical shockwaves into tissue, increasing blood circulation, stimulating the formation of collagen fibers, result in a positive influence on the collagen structure of the skin and connective tissues, which leads to the improvement of cellulite appearance. High-energy acoustic waves cause a collapse of the gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation) and destabilizes the fat structures. Shockwave Therapy generates virtually immediate positive results, even after just one treatment. 

Cryo Tshock is the most innovative and non-invasive modality to tone and tighten the skin. It uses state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy (thermal shock) to reshape the body and face. Cryo Tshock treatments destroy fat cells and increase skin collagen production during each session due to the thermal shock response.

The Cryolipolysis 360º allows not only performing Cryolipolysis alone, but also provide Thermal Shock Therapy according to very precise time, speed, temperatures and energy rates protocols and piloted automatically through several softwares.

Thermal Shock lipolysis works by a process called thermal contrast lipolysis which uses a combination of hot and cold temperatures to target fat cells.

This innovative, new therapy combined two sources (Cryolipolysis and Hyperthermia), The target area is treated with a triple thermal shock of heating – Cryoing- heating, applied for a specific duration by using sophisticated automated software in a dynamic, sequential and temperature controlled manner.

Cryolipolysis 360º surround Cryoing technology is unlike the conventional two sided Cryoing method, The 360º applicator relies on “all-round Cryoing” instead of the traditional cryo cup “Cryoing plates”.


2 Cryotdhock Paddles

2 Cyrolipolysis 360º Handles

1 Shockwave Handle