CO2 Carboxy Therapy and Deep Shoot By Ribeskin.  In 2022, with the slogan “Re-Imagined Beauty Expertise Created for Experts by Experts” RIBESKIN was born out of the company’s mission to further focus on profoundly re-imagining conventional aesthetic practices via innovation and perseverance backed by many years of dedicated research in highly effective products with minimal pain or side effects for both medical aesthetic practitioners and professional beauticians.


Non-Invasive CO2 Carboxy therapy since 2007

As a revolutionary needle-free* CO2 Carboxy Therapy for professional use, RIBESKIN PRO CO2 Carboxy therapy is the best choice for maximization of the outcomes of dermatological and plastic surgery procedures. By accelerating skin metabolism via Bohr effect, not only the skin elasticity, tone and pore control are improved, but also bruises and swelling are alleviated while oil and moisture balance is controlled.