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Glycolic Active Kit promotes retexturization, intense thinning, revitalization and even skin. Perfect for skin preparation to ensure best results in your anti-aging, seborregulating, whitening, revitalizing and moisturizing treatments.

The kit consists of 4 products:

Bio-Cleanser Glycolic 10% - 300ml: Facial soap developed for deep skin cleansing. It has cleaning agents associated with 10% Glycolic Acid that stimulate natural cell renewal, removing impurities, dead cells and excess sebum, promoting a thinner and softer texture. Prepares the skin for aesthetics procedures. Ideal for oily skin.

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid (10%).

Pre-Peel Mask Bambu Brasil - 120g: Pre-Peeling composed of bamboo stakes, rice silica and glycolic acid, besides other ingredients that contribute to skin exfoliation and revitalization. This formula provides greater hydration, softness and radiance to the skin.

Ingredients: Bamboo Stalks, Bamboo Extract, Rice Silicas, Glycolic Acid (5%).

Bio-Peeling Intensive Chemical Peeling - 60ml: The perfect combination of powerful acids for an abrasive exfoliating action that stimulates cell renewal. Ideal to prepare the skin for dermocosmetic treatments such as anti-aging, anti-acne, seborregulator, whitening and skin care maintenance, or combined as a result enhancer.

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid (5%), Salicylic Acid (2%), Ferulic Acid (1%) and Verochic (5%).  

Glycolic Mask - 100g: Chemical exfoliating face mask formulated to promote cell renewal, balance and improve the texture of oily skin. Contains 10% Glycolic Acid that helps minimize the effects of excess oiliness and hydrates the skin through its rich formulation. Clay mask.

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid (10%)

Warning: Forbidden to pregnant or lactating women.

Available in: Albania, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Lebanon, Nicarágua and USA.